Accessories That will Help You Get Fit at Desk

You all know that a sedentary lifestyle is fraught with many health problems. Still many people end up finding themselves sitting down for most of the day especially when it’s long workday in the office. While many of you must be sweating it out at the gym, the copious hours you spend sitting can lead to postural problems like disc damage and a strained neck. In this age of cut-throat competition, it may not be possible for you to leave your desk every now and then. However, this doesn’t mean that staying active at a desk job is impossible. There’s are a lot of ways to exercise without even getting up from the desk. To combat desk-sitting blues, we’ve rounded up accessories that you need to get yourself right at your desk.

Here are a few accessories that will help you achieve your fitness goals while you chase deadlines:

1. Desk treadmill or under-desk elliptical: While meeting deadlines and completing projects is helping you move ahead in your career it may not be helping get any closer to your goal of 10,000 steps every day. Getting an under-desk elliptical or a desk treadmill can get your legs moving without you having to leave your desk at all. If you have a standing desk then a desk treadmill is ideal for you. Those who work while sitting can get their feet moving with under-desk elliptical. Whether you on a coffee break or taking a phone call, now, you have no excuse to not get moving.

2.Hand exercise balls: Whether you are frustrated because the client meeting didn’t go the way you wanted or your hands are cramped because of the excessive use of the computer mouse, the hand exercise ball is your saviour. The no-fuss tool helps you perform easy hand and finger exercises, improving your grip and relieving stress in your hands and fingers.

3.Ball chair: Hours of slouching in a typical office chair leave you with stiff neck muscles and backache. A ball chair provides you with a healthy way of sitting at the desk. You can also sneak in a mini workout with a ball chair. The stability of a conventional chair allows the boy body to slouch, leading to a bad posture. On the other hand, a ball chair makes your core muscles work, leading to the burning of calories and strengthening of the spine. It is advisable that you alternate between a ball chair and traditional chair.

4.Free weights: Who doesn’t want well-toned arms? Free weights can convert your desk into a mini workout zone. Whether you are attending an online training or reading emails, you can use free weights to tone your arms. They are great for slow and controlled movement. They help strengthen the muscles without the risk of injuries.

5.Stability cushion: A stability cushion is a simple round inflatable device that can be used to stand or sit on. It can be used by anyone with or without back issues. The uneven surface helps the body gain the core stability of the muscle. Those with back pain will find it useful for the problem. As it has a textured surface, there’s no risk of slipping. Whether you are attending a brainstorming session or having your lunch, sitting on stability is one of the easiest forms of exercise you can do.

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