All Gain And No Pain: How To Avoid Injuries When Exercising

When you are on your journey to either lose weight or to get in shape, people will tell you that there’s no gain without pain. Whatever your fitness goal may be, getting injured is definitely not one of them. However, often overriding fear of getting sore muscles and getting a sprain comes in the way of an adventure called healthy living. For those of you who wish to move closer to your fitness goals, it’s important to know how to keep the body going without letting injuries play spoilsport.

Here are a few tips that will help everyone from a beginner to a pro to avoid injuries:

  1. Always try a new workout with a coach or a trainer: Are you excited about trying the new celebrity workout routine or taking your daily exercise to the next level? Well, kudos to your enthusiasm. However, it is ideal that whenever you try a new set of exercise you do it under the guidance of a professional trainer or a coach. Often people try new exercises while watching the video on their phones, often straining and hunching themselves to see the screen properly. A professional trainer can help you with the right posture. He or she can give you safety tips that will help you accomplish your goal without getting injured.

  2. Never skip the warm-up session:  Whether you are running late to work or you have errands to run, there should any excuse for you to skip your warm-up before every session. No matter, what kind of exercise you are doing, a good warm-up gets your body ready to exercise and builds the pace gradually. Instead of rushing into the routine, make slow progress and increase the intensity of the workout gradually.

  3. Know your body: All days are not supposed to be the same. There are days when you will feel energetic to do an extra set of exercise routine. However, there will be times when you won’t feel like even doing one. Read the signs when your body is telling you to back off. Whether you are feeling lethargic without no reason or your joints are sore, you should make sure that your body gets enough rest to recover.  The rest will prepare your body for exercise.

  4. Don’t overdo a particular exercise: Though it’s true that practice makes a man perfect, too much of a particular exercise can lead to overuse of certain muscles leading to a workout injury. To avoid injuries and to give your muscles rest, try different exercises every now and then. For instance, try yoga one day and work out in the gym the next day.

  5. Wear proper workout attire: We know you love your yoga harem pants. But don’t wear them to the gym as they may get stuck in the equipment like a cross trainer or exercise bike. Similarly, your running shoes may not be appropriate for playing badminton. The best way to get proper workout attire is to shop from a speciality store.

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