How To Use Technology To Stick To Your Fitness Resolution

There’s hardly any aspect of our lives that is untouched by the advancement of technology. Why shouldn’t you then not make use of technology to achieve your fitness goals? Whether you are planning to ramp up your daily fitness goals for your best friend’s wedding or your annual school reunion, technology, including gadgets, devices and social media can help you monitor your health and fitness. There are no two ways that you have to do the actual work of sweating it out, but technology can be your workout buddy that can give you a push to get remain driven. Here are a few ways you can use technology to stick to your fitness resolution:

  1. Monitor your progress with mobile apps: It’s good to have fitness goals but it also necessary that you don’t lose sight of them. A fitness app can help keep track of your daily workout routine and progress you have made. Tagging a friend along to the gym always is not practically possible, but your phone is your 24X7 companion. The mobile app can also give you effective workout tips that can spruce up your gym game. If the monetary incentive is what gets you going, then go for apps, like FitStreet,  that help you earn reward points.

Get fit with FitStreet and earn cashback

Losing that extra weight is definitely a motivation to workout. However, earning reward points and cashback can you the extra push to stick to your daily fitness routine. Download the FitStreet app to keep track of your fitness routine. For every calorie, you will burn, you will earn reward points. You can redeem these reward points when you shop for gym wear on our website or app. Visit to download the app today.

  1. Eat, sleep and workout with wearable gadgets: Wrist activity trackers or wearable gadgets are great for not just tracking your workout, but your overall physical activity in a day. From the number of calories you have burned to the number of daily steps you have taken, your heart rate and your sleep time, a wearable tracker can help you track your progress as well as hold you accountable.

  2. Use social media to boost your motivation: There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your before-and-after pictures. Whether it’s your posts showcasing the workout of the day or the healthy diet they are going on, social media can be a great motivator for you to remain dedicated to your fitness journey and share your experiences with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts. You can also start following fitness brands on social media and get inspired by the fitness journey of others.

  3.   Smart weighing scale: Just move over your digital weighing scale that only tells your weight. A smart weighing scale not only tells your weight it also calculate BMI too and evaluate the percentage of body fat. Not just that it stores information so that you can check your previous record and compare. Moreover, smart weighing scales have the advantage of storing profiles for more than one or two individuals. This means it can be useful to the whole family.

Next time you hit the gym, ensure that you make the best use of technology to keep yourself driven and motivated. Another good way of sticking to your daily fitness routine is to invest in comfortable and stylish gym wear. FitStreet, one of the leading sportswear brands, has a wide variety of gym wear for men and women. Buy gym stringers online in India and hoodies for men in India at

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