Tips To Get Your Exercise Mojo Back

Whether you had a stressful month at work or there were some family obligations or you were busy binge-watching your favourite television shows, even the fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to keep with the daily workout routine. No matter, what your reason, once you have fallen out of the fitness groove, finding the motivation to get back in the routine can be quite difficult. However, don’t lose your heart! Here are a few tips to rediscover your fitness mojo and get going:


  1. Invest in some stylish gym wear: If you’re looking for some extra motivation to hit the gym once again, then put on some new workout clothing. A crisp T-shirt and a new pair of joggers can get you excited about getting up in the morning and working out. Motivation is a mind game. When you look good, you feel good and you feel motivated to wear your workout clothes more often. There is nothing worse than working out in sweaty clothes. Besides looking good, it is important that your gym clothes are comfortable and sweat-wicking.


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  1. Try something new: Doing the same exercise for the last six months cannot be a motivation to start it again. Maybe the monotony of the exercise is something that is keeping you away from the gym. It’s time for you to look for something new. Either you can look for a new fitness routine or you can go for a new form of exercise. If you workout at the gym for five days, skip one day and keep it for either for Zumba or yoga or a dance class.


  1. Make yourself accountable to someone: A workout date with a friend is a great way to make yourself accountable. Plan a workout together that you both enjoy. Motivate each other to get fitter and share tips. To create a healthy competition, use a fitness app to keep track of each other’s fitness achievements. If you don’t have a gym friend, then reach out to a trainer or gym coach who will figure out your new workout routine and will motivate you to do those extra set of sit-ups.


  1. Find a new place to exercise: Sometimes a change of scenery is what you need to get yourself motivated. Find a new gym or a new yoga studio, so that you can meet new people and try different exercises. This is a great way to remain driven and motivated. Go for a fitness studio that offers a blend of Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and other forms of exercises.


  1. Take your workout outdoors: If you want to bust the workout rut, then it’s time to exercise al fresco. Doing yoga out in the open or running in the garden can make you feel more energised and less tired. It will be a good break from doing the same workout in the gym.


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