What Exactly You Need in Your Gym Bag

We’ve all been there— you are running on the treadmill and there’s a constant stream of sweat dripping all over your face. While you are loving the fact that you are sweating it out, but the fact that you forgot your hand towel at home is making you crazy. However, a perfectly packed gym bag would have saved you the embarrassment. Knowing what to pack your gym bag is no guesswork but an art that you perfect over a period of time. By packing just the right stuff, you can ensure that you are not bogged down by the unnecessary weight of the bag on your commute.

For you, we’ve identified 5 essential items that are considered crucial to have. So before you head to the gym next time, here are the items you need:

1. Water bottle: This may sound like the most obvious thing to carry but many people have a hard time remembering it and keeping it. Staying hydrated before, after and in between the workouts is very essential. When you are working out, you are losing water through sweat and thus it is important that keep yourself well hydrated. Though all the gyms have water vending machines, getting off and on the machine will break your rhythm.

2. Antiperspirant face wipes: While exercising is good for your skin, we don’t want post-workout acne to discourage you from exercising. A good sweat doesn’t cause acne but not cleaning that sweat properly can. Antiperspirant face wipes can be a lifesaver after a workout routine. Not only do they remove sweat and make your face look fresh, but they also keep bacteria and germs at bay. Shared gym machines are often laden with germs that you can pass on to your face with your hands. Face wipes can be a lifesaver in this situation.

3. Change of clothes: Whether you have to rush to the office after the gym or you have to catch up with a friend, you can’t put yourself at the risk of developing skin rashes because of your sweaty clothes. Having a clean change of clothes, especially innerwear like underwear, socks, sports bra and shorts, can save the day for you. This can come really handy on a day when you can’t head home to take a shower.

4. Proper footwear: Many gyms won’t allow you in without proper footwear. Moreover, a pair of proper shoes will help your feet and ankles firm support. The right shoes will help you avoid sprains, splinters and other injuries.

5. Headphones: There’s nothing as motivating as your favourite music while you are working out. But when you forget your headphones, the workout feels like a drag. Whether it’s rhythmic music or a motivational podcast that gets you going, make sure you throw in your favourite earphones into your gym bag.

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