What Should I Know Before Attending A Gym?

Are you having second thoughts about the gym membership that you’ve recently signed for? Relax, you’re not alone as every newbie feels a little uncertain when starting his/her journey towards fitness.

Preparing yourself the right way will help you ready yourself for your new fitness journey. Here are some of the important things to know before you head out for your first day at the gym:

1) Pack the right set of workout gear

You can give your 100% during the workout sessions only when you are comfortable with the right performance gear. Casual tops do not have a place in the gym as they aren’t performance-oriented. When packing your gym duffle bag, include a stretchable top, a compression jogger, and a pair of sporty shoes.

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2) Make a workout plan or take the instructor’s help

Newbies often aimlessly wander in the gym and feel out of their element when they do not have a fitness goal or a workout plan. Prior to joining the gym, decide your fitness goal. Plan your workout regime depending on whether you want to shed weight and go lean, gain muscles and bulk up, or simply maintain a healthy body,

You can research online and include exercises in your workout plan that are suitable for beginners. Also, check whether the gym you are planning to join has trainers or not. If you are a beginner, a trainer can guide you with the right set of exercises to achieve the results you want. Also, make sure not to push too far to your limits in order to lower the risk of injuries such as muscle strains and ligament tears.

3) Prioritise sanitation and hygiene

When using shared equipment at the gym, make sure to clean them with anti-bacterial wipes in order to lower your risk of contracting an infection.

It pays to invest in some personal items such as free weights and yoga mats; you don’t have to clean them every time you use them. Also, make sure to carry a body wash, handwash, and a towel to clean up prior to leaving the gym.

4) Boost your training results with the right meals

The meals you eat shape your fitness outcomes. Prior to starting the day’s workout session, make sure to eat a meal high in protein and energy such as fruit smoothies, chicken with rice, oats and bananas.

Equally important is your post-workout meal; choose meals such as omelette, oatmeal, grilled chicken, tuna salad sandwich, and salmon to give your muscles that much-needed nutrition.

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