What To Wear When Working Out

What to wear when you workout? This is one question that has bugged many people. And, some would suggest that it doesn’t matter what you wear until you are doing the right exercise. Well, that’s not really true. Clothes you wear for a workout can make a difference in your performance, comfort level and how you feel after the exercise. Besides gearing up your mind for a workout, fitness clothes are designed to allow you flexibility and a free range of movement.  Not all workout clothes are meant for all kinds of physical activities and it is, therefore, important that before you hit the floor, your fitness apparel that will be your partner in your fitness journey.

Here are a few fitness clothes that will help you move closer to your fitness goals

1.Comfortable tank tops and T-shirts: Comfortable tank tops and T-shirts: Both the options are fine, provided they are comfortable and designed to keep you dry. Whether you should opt for a tank top or T-shirt depends on the kind of work out you are doing, preference and weather. Tops with tight sleeves may prevent you from leaning forward whereas loose T-shirt may make you feel slouchy. Choose tops that let your skin breathe and allow your arms to move freely.

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2.Leggings or sweatpants: Well, if you are doing yoga sweatpants are ideal. Sweatpants have a loose fit, making it ideal for physical activities that involve a lot of bending and stretching. They are good for pilates and aerobics. The power stretch of leggings makes them perfect for running, gym, kickboxing and similar intense workouts. If you are expecting to sweat a lot, then leggings are your saviour. They provide support to your body, letting it move with comfort.

3.Activity appropriate shoes: Wearing the right kind of shoes can have a huge impact on your workout routine. While tennis shoes allow flexibility for side-to-side movements while running shoes are designed for forward motion. It is, therefore, you should let the activity, not the design, be the reason behind the purchase. The right shoes are meant to protect your foot and heel. They also help you to avoid shin splints and other injuries that one can sustain while working out or playing sports.

4.Right undergarments: Whether you are lifting weights or doing Zumba, the right types of undergarments can offer you support and flexibility. For men, a lightweight and soft boxer brief can allow a wide range of motion. For women, a sports bra can support the back and shoulders, relieving them of pain and discomfort.

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