Workout Tips For Beginners

If you are new to working out, kudos to you for taking this incredible step in life. Deciding to be more active is the first and the most important step in the fitness journey. However, when you start a fitness journey, it’s important that you start it on the right foot lest you will quit midway. A few missteps can leave you exhausted and discouraged.

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve stay motivated and ace your fitness game:


  1. Don’t go to the gym without a plan in mind: Going to the gym without a workout plan and exercising on machines that you have never used can be counterproductive. Not only using new machines without proper posture can give body aches, but you are also likely to get bored easily. It’s better to start working out under the guidance of the trainer. Not only will he or she help with the correct posture, but the trainer will also help you make a workout plan that you would want to stick to.

  2. Don’t rush into things: So impressed are you with the latest celebrity workout that you also want to do the same. As a beginner, you must take things gradually. Rushing into exercises that you are not familiar with can land you with sprains and splints. It’s better that you first familiarise yourself with correct exercise and gym equipment. It may look cool in the video to see people doing bench press or kettlebell pushups but you should go slow and once your body is ready, move to the next level.

  3. Maintain consistency: That you have decided to hit the gym is a great start but if you wish to see a positive change, then you have to be consistent. If you are beginner, stick to low to moderate forms of exercise.  High-intensity workout in the initial phase will leave you exhausted. Sticking to low-intensity workout daily, in the long run, can help you make exercising a habit.

  4. Don’t just wear anything to the gym: Don’t let uncomfortable clothes sabotage your workout. Wearing high-quality gym clothes can help you move around easily. Tight-fitting clothes will not allow your skin to breathe. Go for gym clothes that are moisture-wicking, breathable and are designed for workouts. Your everyday clothes are not meant to keep you sweat-free and dry, leading to irritation and skin allergies.

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  1. Invest in a good pair of shoes: No matter what kind of exercise you do, it is important that you do it in the right pair of shoes. Worn out shoes can adversely affect your performance and can cause injuries. It’s good to buy shoes from speciality stores that will help you select shoes as per the shape of your arch and the width of your foot.

    6. Don’t go berserk with eating: There are no ways that you deserve a little treat after spending gruelling hours at the gym. But this in no ways suggests that you can eat junk food. To get the best results, you must match your workout with the right food habits. A healthy diet will help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Instead of treating yourself every day, select one day in the week, when you will reward yourself.


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